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Version 0.34.2017-08-29 (experimental-7)

Changed collision detection algorithm for blocks being created, collisions are now determined using single physics update, instead of 2, and takes <0.02 seconds (old one took in between 0.02 and 0.04 seconds). Also new one provides much more reliable results and this should fix old bug with not being able to build new blocks in some cases.

Ship building now works with client authority, this means server no longer checks the data that client sends to it when building blocks and creates block instantly after the data is received. This way it works for ships those are very far from the server’s world origin (server could not calculate proper data for them). Amount of data sent is increased to let the server skip the checks and calculation of that data.

ship building is now in 3d space

added scaleable blocks

new inputs for movement system (added key to toggle ship stabilization, implemented 2 movement control schemes: using keyboard for steering, using mouse for steering) right now inputs are hardcoded and no visual feedback is provided to the player

minor changes