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Hi, Have had issues in 1.9 and 2.0 with both cow farms and chicken farms hording their products. Doesn't matter how many trucks I have or what destination I have set be it the local grocery store, one of my factories, or the state but the product never leaves. All roads are built, the needs are there but they just will not deliver the product. I have had a cow farm not deliver to a grocery store nearby that wanted meat and milk, and I am having a chicken farm not deliver to a local grocery store that wants eggs nor to my food factory that is making hamburgers. This begs the question just what are we eating? also are the farms broken?

Did you select the proper product in the destination tab? Drop by discord so we can chat 

Not getting an option for which product, just a destination and number of trucks. Signing up for discord but am not familiar with it. Thanks

Big white box left of the destination name. Is it empty?