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amigo  de verdad quiero jugarlo pero tengo un problema, cuando abro el juego todo normal pero todo se ve blanco. el menu, la as balas, etc todo eso se ve pero lo demas se ve blanco 

That sounds like a graphic drivers problem. I would suggest first checking if there are any updates for your graphics card driver. Also, what operating system are you using? 

estoy usando el sistema operativo de windows profesional de 64bits. una pregunta, cuanto es lo que pide el juego en grafica para poder jugarlo?


You shouldn't have a problem with the graphics card unless it's quite old.

My first suggestion is to check for driver updates for your graphics card (there are many guides on Google, such as this article). Running Windows Update may help too. 

See also this article to ensure you are running the game with your dedicated graphics card (and not with Intel graphics, for example). 

If all else fails, I suggest you wait for the next update I will release, which likely won't have this issue. It will take a relatively long time until it's ready though. 

y justamente eso la gráfica intel estándar de la pc XD

Hmm I think even that should work. If nothing else works I can only recommend waiting for the next version of the game. Sorry I couldn't be of more help! 

tranquilo... si esperare, igual la semana que viene comprare una tarjeta gráfica para mi pc