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Thank you!

Thank you very much for the honor!

I'm glad you enjoyed my game! :)

I have now played a bit of every difficulty, and one of my only complaints is that it feels like there is a little less ammo than there should be in the harder modes as the enemies start to get really damage spongy, and sometimes pushing boxes can get tedious in a hurry, but overall I still love this game and I can see myself returning to this game every once in a while to speedrun in the future. Something about this game has a really nostalgic vibe, and I don't mean because of the Doom aesthetic. The lighting and overall theme of the game is very liminal and reminiscent of some other games I have played before, so bonus points for that. I would also be overjoyed if a Doog 2/Doog Eternal is ever made.

Thank you for your feedback!

Doog 2? Hmm... it's not in my plans, but who knows... if I get inspiration, I may go for it sometime in the future.