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I am using Windows 10 home version 1703 64 bit with the latest update.   I just downloaded the latest version this morning.  Once the app is open I can't click on anything.  The app opens and opens a box asking where do I want to save the file, but it won't finish saving or cancel.   Along the top of the app there is an orange progress bar on the save that gets anywhere from 30-80 done and stops.  Clicking again, can change the bar to less that before or more.  Changing locations to a new folder doesn't solve the problem either.

  The only antivirus running is Windows Defender

The computer itself is I770K, it has 32 GB of ram.  The video card is a NVIDIA GTX 1080.  There is 808 GB free on the C drive, which is a Samsung 960 EVO SSD.