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A "game" that needs to be played by far more people. Especially by those "refugees out" *******.  

I think it would be good if you could go even more into detail in the "why you don't fight for your country" matter, or why you didn't take some other family members with you, because that are the first things  the "anti refugee movement" comes up with. Like some explanation videos when you encounter the different groups the first time, or leave your parents behind. 
And  german Subs would be awesome. :)

Hope to see the finished story here one day , not only because I'm curious, but also hope that this project helps you deal with all the shit you experienced. :)

Thanks for the kind words! You have some good points there and since this is just a demo for now, we'll try to make those points more clear in the next iterations. Other languages and localisation is also a valid point, we hope to have additional funds to get that started soon too.


I made a German Let's Play... noticing that my english ain't that good ;-)