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Wow! I can't believe. You wrote a long article to explain in detail. Thank you very much!!!

"If it's stupid but it works then it's not stupid" <-- Ha...I see.
"I could perfectly remake the game on one of the engines you mentioned," <-- You are so familiar with many game creation softwares...sure!
"In other projects I won't bother taking care of the dev" <-- ok, you don't like to code.
"Purebasic was natural because" <-- PureBasic looks really powerful.
"Yeah i'm using the demo version" <-- So clever!
"that's why GameDesign is my hobby horse." <--  I see.
"Is Purebasic effective at gamedev" well in my opinion if you
can gamedev with your ass and it works well i don't see any problems."  <-- Good opinion!
"The short answer : not technically the strongest, but very
easy for everyone. Maybe even easier than Python on that matter." <-- It is a very valuable conclusion...yes. Thank you.

Just one precision : "You are so familiar with many game creation softwares...sure!"
I don't know how to use these softwares. But if I knew them, i could recode the game in any engine. Not by will but by ability. I'll stick to Purebasic for the time being.