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Are you sure you chose oranges as the product? And are you sure it's oranges what they want? Can you show me a screenshot of your destination panel and the towns shop? 

Hi, It just occurred to me that they wanted orange juice and I presumed the farm would make the juice. I just took a peak at the recipe list and found where my problem was, I needed to make a glass works and smelter. I did have two suggestions as well. The roads can but up to each other but won't auto connect unless you manually run the road tool across both squares, an auto connect feature would be cool. Also the trouble icons that pop up over your buildings, either being able to hold the mouse over the icon or click on it to have it tell you exactly what the problem is would also be helpful. Thanks for getting back with me and for working hard with your customers to make a great game.

Thanks for your kind words. Alpha 2 has a slightly better notification system, so it will be easier to know what is going wrong. As for the road thing, it's intentional, so you can make parallel roads easily; necessary for when we introduce traffic!