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omg this is beautiful. While TVTropes had spoilt me a little bit on certain things, the journey was more than worth it, and this was all so very cleverly done. Putting together all the clues and realising what was different was AMAZING, and then as things went on... wow. Just wow. You mock 'cos you love and made me love it too--mind you, my only other dating sim experience is Hatoful Boyfriend, and I loved that, so I'm weird XD

...also I may have been cheering about harems and ot4s. XD

First of all, I must admit that Ryn and I got a little excited over finding out there was a mention of our game up on TVTropes, and there was a bit of a shuffled to figure out where seems to have made me forget to reply a long while back;;;

But thank you very much for your feedback and for your love for the game! The spoiler has been marked out, though I'm glad prior knowledge somehow added to the experience *^* Hatoful Boyfriend is a great first dating sim experience by my book, and it honestly raised my personal expectations for dating sims and is one of my main inspirations, even with Senpai WataMite! hehe plus there isn't anything wrong with being weird~ :3c

Thank you for your support!! <3