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First of all, I must admit that Ryn and I got a little excited over finding out there was a mention of our game up on TVTropes, and there was a bit of a shuffled to figure out where seems to have made me forget to reply a long while back;;;

But thank you very much for your feedback and for your love for the game! The spoiler has been marked out, though I'm glad prior knowledge somehow added to the experience *^* Hatoful Boyfriend is a great first dating sim experience by my book, and it honestly raised my personal expectations for dating sims and is one of my main inspirations, even with Senpai WataMite! hehe plus there isn't anything wrong with being weird~ :3c

Thank you for your support!! <3

Project Details:

We'll be working on a short visual novel about pure love budding up in an all-girls school! It revolves around a girl who, after recieving a mysterious love letter, is challenged to discover the identity of her secret admirer before the end of summer classes.  

A simple game with a simple premise, no heavy drama, and no wild tricks whatsoever,  just warm fluffy feelings all around.

Project Team:

As of now, it's just me. Will put up a proper list if we can get any help here;;

Progress Updates:

As of 09/07/17 ------> Character designs and profiles finalized; Half of the story planned out; Sprites at 30% (roughly, subject to change as we might add more); Getting started with the code and GUI. It's too soon to pin a percentage to total progress today. :-(

Ah, thank you so much for the input!

I'm actually working on an updated version with better graphics, bug fixes, and typo fixes so this is a big help :D Plus, feedback is always loved! You're really livening up the dead space in the comments area and I'm very, very thankful for that as well.

As for the endings- I actually have a walkthrough up over here but it seems like I totally forgot to link this page over to it. Oops. I'll get to fixing that as well. (And just in case you want to get through without direct advice, don't worry, there are also hints there to help you figure out the other endings yourself! Self-discovery has lead to most of the feedback for this game elsewhere :3c )

Anyway, thank you again for your comment, interest, and love for this game <3 I hope senpai notices you soon! ^^