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I love this! This is the start of the city builder I've been waiting for! Here are a few things I would love to see added/changed:

Intersections like Jiri_one mentioned, as well as bridges and overpasses.

Water and rivers like Ms .45 said.

I think it would awesome if you could adjust the hight of land so you could make hills and cliffs.

It would be cool if when there were two roads going the same direction side-by-side you could choose to merge them to create a "highway"

I would like it if the grid "snapped" a bit more. I find that when I want to place a building or road in between multiple other constructions i have to be very specific as to where my cursor is. This would make it easier to use your game.

Another thing that would be nice is if the button for buildings was closer to the other two current buttons  for objects. That way you wouldn't have to move your hand so much.

I am just starting to learn to code so I don't know how much of this stuff is possible but I hope it's helpful. I can't wait for the next updates!

P.S. I LOVE your artwork on twitter and especially your pixel art style. This is the first game of yours I've played and I'm looking forward to playing your other games as well!


Thank you very much for playing and offering some great thoughts on the game!

Feature-wise, more roads are on their way! They'll never get super complex but intersections will definitely be included. Water is also planned at some stage.

The grid snapping is already working as envisioned, but the leniency of where it will  actively allow the player to click can be adjusted super easily (set it up to do so), so maybe in the next build I'll adjust this. Hopefully that helps the usability issue you speak of! I'll also give some thought to the keyboard shortcut grouping when I implement the planned UI.

Again, this sort of feedback is extremely valuable so I really do appreciate it (from everyone). Thank you also for the kind words - it's hugely motivating hearing that my work can bring joy to others :)