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Thank you for playing! It was a very early prototype, so I do apologise if it not the most intuitive of interfaces. There were definitely things I wish I had added/improved at the time!

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Such a great little game! The level design is really clever and progresses in difficulty nicely. Awesome work!

Thank you so much, Roh! Makes me so happy when people enjoy it :)

Thank you for the feedback. Water is next on the to-do-list, and I'll take the other ideas into consideration!

Thank you! Yeah, sorry about the controls - theyre a work-in-progress. I will have some UI elements to help cycle through buildables soon, and may group keyboard shortcuts for easier management.

Thank you for the feedback! More roads is definitely my most common request and will be added more variety soon!

Thank you very much for playing and offering some great thoughts on the game!

Feature-wise, more roads are on their way! They'll never get super complex but intersections will definitely be included. Water is also planned at some stage.

The grid snapping is already working as envisioned, but the leniency of where it will  actively allow the player to click can be adjusted super easily (set it up to do so), so maybe in the next build I'll adjust this. Hopefully that helps the usability issue you speak of! I'll also give some thought to the keyboard shortcut grouping when I implement the planned UI.

Again, this sort of feedback is extremely valuable so I really do appreciate it (from everyone). Thank you also for the kind words - it's hugely motivating hearing that my work can bring joy to others :)

Thank you for playing! I'm definitely going to be adding more variety, so I'll make a note to do a few more trees!

Things will also be a little more lively and interactive eventually.

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Appreciate the response! Awesome project too!


Edit: actually looks super similar to a sprite style font I've created over the years which is what caught my attention - he follows me so maybe that's where the similarities originate. He's definitely polished it and I love how it's turned out!

TIC-80 community · Created a new topic Font availability?


Absolutely love the font you've used for the TIC80. Is this freely available anywhere as a font file and/or sprite font sheet?


Just had to post and say your art is insane, dude! Awesome stuff, particularly that last mockup/screenshot.

Good luck!