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The "evidence glow" option does not seem to work, all evidence still glows. I think that it really diminished my experience with the game. It felt like it was grabbing me by the arm, and pulling me along for the experience (which is fine if you're mostly there for that), instead of an investigative play style.

Otherwise it was good, the classical music went well with things like bodies slowly passing by in the background in the centrifuge while you're pondering over things, practical humour :)

'Evidence glow' is there to make evidence glow more that it usually does. By default, they are flat, bold colours. With the setting turned on, they kinda pulse. People kept missing them. We didn't intend to make a game about searching for evidence, our focus was more about piecing it together. We've seen what this game looks like when players are searching for that final piece they're missing, and that's not the game we wanted to make at all. 

Glad to hear you enjoyed it overall, though, and thanks for chiming in.

We've got even weirder stuff on the way, so keep an eye out.

Very fair points. I can imagine that it might get frustrating, not finding that one final piece. Maybe the hint system could've started to make evidence stand out more/glow if you used a "ponder" action or so, and then slowly dissipate. So you could've seen glows looking out the windows and have clues where to go, yet maybe nothing too precise. But then again, you already said the game's focus was  elsewhere. Looking forward to the Murder Express remaster, good luck with 2000:1's Steam launch, and your future releases!