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Thank you so much! Really happy you liked my game overall!!! Im absolutly not an expert when it comes to sound and with this game I wanted to make everything by myself even the sound, wich i have never done before. There is a sound slider in the game wich is always available by going to the options menu or pressing escape while ingame and the max volume is a bit extreme. I dont know if you put the volume on max before you started playing the game becouse i didnt see that in your video. I should probably make the max volume quieter and im going to double check the volume of my soundeffects in future projects!! Thank you so much for pointing that out and thank you so much for enjoying and lets playing my game!!


As I was editing the video, I realized I could've turned the volume down on my headset. Had I done that I wouldn't have been too critical of the volume of the sound effects, though I still would've noticed they were inherently loud because of clipping. I didn't realize I could also turn down the volume in-game. Once I start a game I tend to not go into the options. Regardless, this was a great game. Thank you so much for creating it. I look forward to more of your games!