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Who's the creator that ran off?

Couldn't they get in legal trouble for taking all that money (it was 5x over the target goal, and 43k)

Like, that's really scummy, considering it was an extremely high amount of money.

Hope that wasn't the case but since the site where the full downloaded was hosted at was expired, it can only lead to comments from the kick-starters. 
I believe now Kick-Starter has a stealthy penalty that goes outside KS website if Creators decide to 'ditch' a project and run off or attempt to run off with the money received.  Sadly, there's been issues of game-developers not completing projects(beta forever), canceling them(50% complete and drop), or completely ditching in a run-and-go(Fraudulent). It's even happened with mainstream companies (EverQuest:Next) but how they've been getting around it is through StarterPacks. Some websites give the option to extend and or pause a project, requiring a reason why (especially when it's funded). There's also a penalty system in-place if too many pauses are done within a segment of time, and how many times.

The only way to curb these bumps is for the users to penalize these said groups. Just like a contractor for a house, you can't just take a down-payment then run off and decide not the finish the building a customer paid for without it being considered a scam or a fraud. Why should it be less be concerned for games?