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Hey there! Just stopping by to say that I really loved the demo. I started a full playthrough of it, but the puzzles are so abstract and satisfying to solve that I ultimately decided not to give anything away in a video. Instead, I just mentioned the game in the "bonus" section of my latest episode of Toast Bites.

The notes puzzle stuck me for a bit, but I wasn't sure if I had everything I needed from the hole in the wall, if something was buggy or what so I'm looking forward to the full release to see where things go. I love the art style so much and the richness of the deep night-time colors. The music is fantastic too. 

I also commend you for your notes/items system because the ability to move things around and arrange them on screen as needed is huge. You also understood very well what information needs to be referred back to and how without fluff. 

When doing the wind puzzle, I originally drew my own diagram with pen and paper to keep track only to be pleasantly surprised when I realized you already had an identical dynamic diagram I could follow my progress with built right in. That's the kind of attention to detail not all developers give, so kudos and good luck!