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Hi, thanks for taking the time to play and send your thoughts!

Please note that this is an in-development demo dungeon meant to test the mechanics of the game. The full game will address a lot of your concerns, as it will have a story, tutorial stage, and will introduce allies gradually rather than all at once! (Giving you a chance to learn their abilities one at a time.)

As I work on the game I want to give people a chance to play bits and pieces of it, since it's fun, and provides useful feedback that helps me improve. (There's only so much I will notice playing it myself, after all.) 

The next demo I am planning, for example, will actually pare down the list of allies you have access to (now that I feel confident all the skills work as intended), a town with a shop  to sell your junk at, and a bigger quest for you to tackle. Hopefully you'll check that out too!