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Hello, played Zomebie Barricades for about 2 hours yesterday, when I got the game, and what I have to say is IT IS AWSOME! Bad news first. though. I see where your going with the LOL-ish controls of the click to move but not sure if that fits with the game. would much rather use WSAD to move the character so players could run back and shoot at the same time. Awsome game so far!! Can't wait for more updates in the future. 

Hey hey! Cheers for the great feedback. It's as if you read our minds, the next update is going to include WSAD controls :D but not sure about being able to move and shoot - part of the tension is having to stop and aim with the Zombies (and soon to be other foes) gaining on you. If you can move and fire, a lot of that tension would be removed and the game too easy do you think?

But you're right, WSAD does add a lot to the gameplay... 

We can even leave the mouse click-move stuff in, I find myself switching between the two.

OK, thats fine as long as the WSAD become controls.

WSAD controls added in Update 5 ;)


How about adding a strong wobbling to aiming while moving around and no jitter when idling, so players would consider to stop and aim precisely in order to not waste ammo? You could adjust it so it is more difficult to aim when the character is runing than walking and the best when standing still.

That sounds like a good idea, i'll float it on the Discord channel and get some feedback - thanks!