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I don't think the Mac version was packaged correctly. After unzipping the download, I got only a folder with app parts in it, but no actual .app. The .love file works, at least! Except why does it launch 999,999 Tanks after you die?

I loved the title screen easter egg, btw. Worth the wait, lol.

Hey Max :) Thanks for giving a feedback. Umm let me recheck the mac version (it's hard for me to test since i have no mac device -_- ). What do you mean by it launches 999,999 tanks? I think what you mean is the player's death animation which is the player exploding into different bits.

Yehey! someone found out about the easter egg. congrats :) 

I will continue this game after the jam :) also going to port it for mobile devices 

When I run, then Start, then play and die, I land on a game-over screen. Pressing Space or Enter one more time launches a different game, "999,999 Tanks". No idea why. It might be something weird with my environment, so don't worry about it if it's not happening to anyone else!

That's weird. I cant imitate the issue. When you're on the game over screen, and pressed either escape, space or enter, the game should restart.