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Wow, so much effort are put in this game. The art is beautiful and the ambiances are well made too. It's really interesting, and even if I haven't dig about how much choosing a logic/empath/power path changes the game yet, I'm impressed by the energy and the dedication put into it. The game is really interesting, and it's really good to play.

However I am a bit confused about, maybe because I am not familiar enough with english or because the concepts was too hard for me to understand. I'm even more confused by the ending, is it possible to have a good one? If the screen does not turn red, is it still a wrong/bad end?


So far, the better ending I had is understanding what the ascension is with Mikail and either I choose I want to go out of here with Mikail or to ascend. I am confront to the pink inner eye who seems to kill me, or maybe It makes me acends and my sense of self is desintegrated I don't really know. I wonder if I miss something that could lead me to another end.

Hi Gregg, 

Thank you so much for playing my game and taking the time to comment.  The end of chapter 4 is very abrupt at the moment as the endings are not finished yet.  I apologize for any confusion on this.


 The "good endings" will be if you choose not to ascend and have agreed to either a friendship or romance connection.  These endings are not implemented yet, as there are 6 possible outcomes per companion, depending on your highest attribute (power, logic, empathy) and relationship status.  I hope to including all endings in my next update.  Thank you again very much for your feedback!


It's my pleasure. Thanks for the answer, it's clearer for me now. And good luck for the continuation. I have no doubt it will be super interesting and I look forward to play this game again with the new update.

Hi there, I just wanted to update this reply.  The endings are now implemented so I hope the story will be less confusing.  Let me know if you have any issues. Thanks again so much!



Oh great, thank you. It will be a pleasure to play again, I'll let you know if any issues or feedback I can give. Thanks you for your hard work!