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Hello! I'm Rosalie (she). The discipline is ART. I'd love to contribute art to a beautiful game and in return to find a team of nice people who will also help me understand the actual process and pipeline of game development, so that this later helps me in job search :)
I'm a biromantic asexual, if that matters :D

Hi Rosalie,

Your drawings are beautiful.

I'm a programmer and I like creating experimental games that offer different methods of interaction - especially player content creation. Last year I created Story of Everyone which came second overall ( See some other games I've created at

I don't know what I want to work on this jam yet - but if you're interested and have Discord or Twitter send me a message @MeleeCitizen and we can see if we have any interesting ideas?

hello! I can't seem to be able to send you a message =( Twitter doesn't allow since you are not following me and I can't find you on discord 

My Bad. For Discord use Citizen Of Mêlée#8505 - you'll probably have to copy and paste for the characters :p

If that doesn't work. What's your Discord?

These are some gorgeous drawings. If you need a second programmer let me know. I am well versed in the worlds of Unity and GameMaker Studio. It looks like you use Phaser which I have just barely touched but would be happy to work on getting up to speed with.

Love your drawings as well! I'm not sure how much time I'll be able to commit to this jam, but if you're looking for a writer/narrative designer let me know :)

Hey Rosalie. These are incredible.

I want to learn about games too - so right now just Lurking! Saw Rainbow jam and was like ooo neat. I bet you could use Tyrano Builder if you want to build novel-based games on your own: I saw some that were just Artworks with a choose-your-own-adventure story. I started using it and it requires no coding. Just story-branching knowledge so you can focus more on the art, text, and sounds. Might be worth a try for you as a first or second project.

p.s. Is there a place where I can see more of your work, so in my future when I'm rich, I can ask for a commission? :D