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Really lovely game! 

Things I liked:

  • the art! so pretty, and really helped build atmosphere
  • details like the blood splatters and tree movement added a lot to the atmosphere as well
  • strong SFX that made me "feel" each step, weapon hit, etc.
  • well-crafted tutorial

Bugs + things to potentially change:

  • there was small tree blocking the boss' top left appendage area that I couldn't figure out how to get around
  • the background ambience became tiring over time
  • the character jumps without stopping when the spacebar is pressed, which gives it a cartoony feel

Thanks for sharing! :)

Yeah that jump on the left side of the boss fight needs to be fixed. 

The music was very thrown together so I can definitely understand that.

I can add a little delay between jumping.

Thank you for playing and leaving feedback!