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Really lovely game! 

Things I liked:

  • the art! so pretty, and really helped build atmosphere
  • details like the blood splatters and tree movement added a lot to the atmosphere as well
  • strong SFX that made me "feel" each step, weapon hit, etc.
  • well-crafted tutorial

Bugs + things to potentially change:

  • there was small tree blocking the boss' top left appendage area that I couldn't figure out how to get around
  • the background ambience became tiring over time
  • the character jumps without stopping when the spacebar is pressed, which gives it a cartoony feel

Thanks for sharing! :)

It felt a bit punishing at the beginning, but this is a really neat game!

Things I really liked:

  • 3D effects
  • atmosphere (music + art meshed well)
  • ability to travel from island to island freely!
  • design of the boss skelly

Bugs + things to potentially change:

  • boat controls were difficult
  • having little health was frustrating
  • some collisions didn't seem to be set up? (both between ship/environment  as well as player/environment)

Thanks for sharing! :)

Thanks so much for your kind comment! Glad you enjoy the game :)

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This was a really enjoyable game to try out! A few pieces of feedback:

  • Screen shake is too extreme -- it made it difficult to aim at times
  • Only being able to aim in the direction I was walking towards was unintuitive. It also led to unavoidable health loss when I had to walk into enemies to shoot them.
  • It'd be helpful if there was an indication of weapon durability.
  • In the control instructions it says "A/S" for left/right movement instead of A/D -- just a small typo.

All of that said, the action was really fun, and it was particularly exciting to get new weapon drops and see how long I could survive :) Thanks for sharing!

I really liked your game's concept, and the atmosphere was lovely! Three pieces of feedback:

  • It was confusing to have A/D work the same as the left/right arrows, but W not work the same as the up arrow.
  • I think it would have been really cool if you had included the backstory on the game page in the game build itself, especially since it gives important meaning and direction to the gameplay.
  • The character movement felt a bit clunky, but I know it's difficult to polish something so nuanced in a short period of time!

Thanks for sharing :)

Between the music and card mechanics, you guys did an excellent job crafting the atmosphere of your game! The pick-ups (like the arcane book) were also a fun inclusion. I felt like the "how to play" pop-up could have been clearer, but I figured out how to play pretty quickly -- nice work overall! :)

Thanks so much, Vasilis! :)

Sure! I use Discord more frequently (Jaylus#6382), but also works, if you're more comfortable with that :)

Thank you so much for your detailed and thoughtful feedback! :)

Really cute game — congrats on completing your first jam! :)

Love all the GIFs, and lovely work on the redesign! :)

Excellently atmospheric.