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Well now I was disappointed.  This wasn't the horror game I thought it was.  Nay, it wasn't a horror game at all, though it did have one good jump scare in it.

But I'm still glad I played this as I ended up crying with laughter.  The developer has done a phenomenal job in this game, and the voice-acting in this is stellar, so much better than your average indie game.

I'm not going to post any story spoilers here, suffice to say I did do a playthrough of this game but didn't go through all the options as you NEED TO PLAY THIS!!!!  The options are not on par with something like The Stanley Parable, but the guy that speaks to you through the speakers sure as hell gives you a piece of his mind if you don't follow what he wants you to do, and can be condescending about it as well.  Bravo.

I've done a gameplay video which I hope it's done the developer justice for the effort they've put in, and hope you enjoy it.