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Thanks a lot for playing and for the feedback!

There are more weapons but they don't have finished animations so I disabled them for the demo. Each weapon is also designed to have obvious weakness like for example the swords have short range but are quite fast with wide swings. Combat was also designed around 4 directional combat to make positioning something you have to think about.

The lower level was meant to be like a maze where you can get lost, there's an npc that tells you you should follow the pink trail. Game wont have map but yes I want to make the rooms more unique.

You also wouldn't believe me how many people told me I should make the lower level completely dark with more traps :D but people also on average died to the boss like 10 times too. It's possible that you upgraded your weapons few times and leveled up too, that won't be in tutorial which basicly this demo is.

So yeah this boss is just a tutorial boss teaching you to use your dodge and be patient, only harder and spicier bosses will come after this one.

Thanks a lot again!