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yo JNI got sweet ideas for you so my idea is that you should add stuff from the napoleonic wars like muskets but here are unit ideas from that era
1. British musket man (uses the musket)

2. British officer (uses the flint lock)

3. British sword man (uses the sword)

4. British cavalry (uses the saber)

5. French musket man (uses the musket)

6. French officer (uses the flint lock)

7. French sword man (uses the sword)

8. French cavalry (uses the saber)

9. Austrian musket man (uses the musket)

10. Austrian officer (uses the flint lock)

11. Austrian sword man (uses the sword)

12. Austrian cavalry (uses the saber)

so do you like my ideas? hope you do because this is stuff that can fit will into a game like this.