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Where you the one who wrote a story called

"Never Alone Yandere Spirit Guardian x Reader"

On Quotev?

Yep that was me, haha :3

The reason it's not been updated in ages is cos I'm working on this visual novel version instead. I'll eventually put all of the routes on Quotev as well, but up until recently this had priority.... Also, as the choices and points system get more complicated it becomes hard to work out how to do it on Quotev, I think it'll either have to be simplified there, or people will need to have a pen and paper or just take notes on a phone of how many points they've acquired xD

Because of some recent news though I won't be able to update the game in a long time as I need to hurry up and finish every single route's writing first; so I will probably put the new routes up on Quotev before they go into this visual novel version.