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Hi! I haven't had the time to play all the way through the updated beta yet (I'm on level 5 or so, I think?) but I just wanted to pop in and say that I really appreciate all the changes, especially the vertical tracks for the notes and the ability to turn instruments on and off once they're completed in a level.

I know you asked for feedback to be in by Jan 31, so I thought I'd send you some quick thoughts instead of sitting on the game past the deadline. If it's helpful to you, I have recorded gameplay from the first few levels of the updated beta - let me know and I'll post it or send you the link. 


Hi Zoi, ok that's great! Thanks for letting me know :) I was mainly interested in getting feedback on the updated systems, so don’t worry about finishing the whole thing again! I’m glad you liked the changes you mentioned, your feedback was really helpful! Also fyi I decided to keep the beta keys valid until at least the end of February. I thought it might be helpful to keep getting feedback on improvements from people who'd already played the earlier versions of game.

 If you wanted to send the gameplay video, you can send it to the same email address that sent the game key~

Thanks again for taking the time to follow up~