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thank you for this little gem and for providing solutions!! you think of everything and everyone!

are you looking into making a fully fledged game with this mechanic? you can build up on it in so many ways. i will definitely purchase a complete experience.

why not a mobile port too for max exposure?

anyways thanks for this puzzle game. best of luck!


Thanks for the nice words! I am planning to release this game on mobile though I have no idea how the controls could be solved due to the small screen size.

omg, i'd buy it! day one! with more levels too??

i think the controls would be very suitable for mobile: maybe just swipes to move left and right and a button to shift gravity. heck even "up/down" swipes can change gravity upwards and downwards would technically work.

you have a very original idea right here, it'd be a shame not to bank on it and release it for more people to enjoy. best of luck!


Yeah, but there are 4 movement directions and 4 ways to change gravity, plus I'm considering adding another "action" button for further mechanics.



ok how about regular swipes to move. a button on the lower screen that only toggles gravity but that's also similar to an analog stick? 

so that shift gravity only with this button and whichever direction you're manipulating it/. that can technically merge the gravity shifting in one single button.

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And another button for the special move? That's actually quite a good solution! I was thinking about dividing the screen in half and if the player swipes on the left part, it controls movement, and the right part is for gravity, and if you hold down both, you activate the "special move", but your solution is a lot more compact. Thank you!

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i am so glad i could give a somewhat reasonable input! yeah two buttons on the lower corner of the screen (for righties, they can swipe anywhere on the screen with the right hand for the basic moves, and the two buttons are on the left corners to control gravity/new mechanic. switch that for lefties in the settings). the buttons can be diagonally positioned close to each other. one of them is the analogue stick to shift gravity in 4 directions and the other is based on your new mechanic. the player can swipe wherever for the basic moves. i think it would be really organic and ergonomic. 

i honestly cannot wait for the full game!