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wish we can save the game for PC. any download link?

also where is the harder version?

how many levels are there? i loooooove sliding games

Hello! Good luck for your game! Are you working on new levels or are you done with the game?

how many levels are in the download? thank you

cannot wait! king!

already did and left a 5 star review because you deserve it!

wooooo! i am on it!

thanks for these updates. i already have the game on my wishlist on steam.

how many levels do you reckon will be in the final product?

THANK YOU for responding! i cannot wait! day one! happy holidays!

can you please make the game available to purchase for pc please? you seem to have removed the game completely from mobile stores...

downloading! thanks!

thank you

Dissembler community · Created a new topic new level?

Hello! will you update the files on itch with the new levels from the mobile versions? thanks!

well you got a day-1 supporter right over here. best of luck for your little gem.

aaand purchased. may i ask what's the goal for? please let it be a mobile/switch port to take this gem on the go.

another bug in the android app. i closed the app and re-opened it today. the menu screen is duplicated like 10 times over the whole screen. i managed to open the first level, and it seems you can't swipe the character to move? just tap on the device's corners?can you incorporate swiping?

aaaand purchased on google play.

you kept your word! thank you!

one thing though: i pressed on the cart to remove the ads, but closed it to make sure the game was indeed the full 250+ levels. when it turned out to be true, i attempted to press the cart again but it did not trigger a window to pay at all. so i had o close the app then restart. small nitpick, but you might wanna look into that.

good premise. maybe you can expand on it some day.

hey i had your google play app downloaded before you removed it from the store. when i scroll through the levels, i get a blank page "181-211".

did you intend to build more levels? are you considering putting the app back on the store? thank you!

no freaking way! yay! i will double dip for the mobile versions on both android and ios. hopefully my little contribution can show you how amazing your little game is.

best of luck!

any plans to put this back on google play or ios? i also saw the now defunct steam greenlight thing. are you still planing on porting the game there?

we need more quality sokoban games like yours.

have you posted it on reddit? there are so many subs (/r/playmygame for example). and the communities there are really tight and can give a lot of exposure to your page. 

i am so intrigued with your game. i will definitely grab it next week. are you thinking of a steam/switch/ios/android version? this game is awesome on the go when you got 10 minutes to kill.

best of luck with the release and much success.

are all levels random? or are there both a fixed number of hand designed levels and random ones?

brilliant puzzle game. but kinda disappointed you removed the game from google play. any plans on putting it back on the store?

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love this.

waiting impatiently for the mobile version.

edit: can you please add the possibility to download the game for pc? i would definitely pay 2-3 bucks for it.

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love this type og puzzles.

it's based on nintendo ds' "pic pic" "magipic" and recently nintendo 3ds' "phil fill-a-pix". conceptis also introduced it to its line up on ios and android.

will surely download your version too on google play. wish your games are available on ios too.

edit: i am playing it on google play right now and it works well on my samsung tab s2.

HOWEVER i have one complaint: why don't numbers grey out or fade away when they meet their condition? it makes the puzzle so much easier to navigate. for example in the nintendo ds game "pic pic", the numbers turned from black to green when you colored their matched tile numbers or red when you added one more tile than them.

can you please look into it?