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This game is phenomenal. I was on the verge of tears more than once.  Gameplay was not too complicated but still challenging in a fun way, it was relaxing and chill. It worked smooth and it was rlly enjoyable, like i wasn't bored at all, and the layout was nice! And ohmygod, the story! the characters! i love it so much. Perfect mix of actual adventure gameplay and story. Let me get back to the characters, wow they didnt fall flat at all! Even Irene, while not being part of the main lovely duo was fleshed out and lovable! I got rlly into the story and basically had alot of feelings and i could tell lots of heart was put into this game It was cheesy in the best way. AHH this review is soooo messy im sorry but i love this game! i wish it was more popular so i could find a community online who loves it too! Also the text was well written and cute, sounded pretty natural and i loved how every little side character u interact with also has smth to say.

So do i recommend? YESSSSSSS

Thanks for the experience >u<


AHH MAN, this whole post is incredibly sweet!!! Thank you so much for all of your kind words! <3 <3 I really do love cheesy love stories so I had a blast making this ahaha...I'm so, so happy to know that you enjoyed it, and that you got into the characters. Have a fantastic day!! o/ if there ever were some kind of fan community I think I'd die of happiness lol ;;