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Is there any downside to spending corruption? Especially since demons deal corruption instead of normal wounds, it seems odd that it's a consequence-free resource as long as you keep spending it before it fills up.


The severity of consequences cause by filling your corruption clock are up to the table. It’s intended to be a way to scale the tone of the game. If you succumb to the dark gods, you should prepare for the worst, what “the worst” is, is left up to you. Thanks for the question!


So...I am correct in understanding that however severe the consequences of filling it, you can dodge those consequences by aggressively spending your corruption for +10s and Healings?


It just seems like it would make more sense to have to MARK corruption, like when you're under demonic attack, instead of spending it, to get the bonuses.


spending and marking both fill a segment on the clock. Might just be my wording. 


That...makes a LOT more sense. I thought that sense they were under separate headers they were separate things. So it's "spending" corruption in the sense of spending one of your free slots.


yup! Happy to help!