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I bought into the asset packs a long long time ago. They've always provided same core version updates for free. If it becomes 2.0 they usually charge.  About every 8 months or so I think. 

My honest advice is usually not to rush in. Often times the tools are barebones or only get partially done, and never reach their full potential before being discontinued.  Wait until it does something you need.

We never actually charged for updates. In the past we've released Kenney Game Assets which received 40 free content updates, then we released Kenney Game Assets 2 which received 20 updates and Kenney Studio which added new features for two years.

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What you might consider as a content update might not be what we intend it to be. After adding thousands of new sprites to the existing package we'll have to make the decision to keep updating (and slowly go bankrupt) or close off the package and continue with a new one – I'm sure you understand.

I'm not sure what you're missing from Kenney Studio but all features are in there, there's not a single feature that still has to be added or is missing. For the price at which Kenney Studio was sold, we feel like it was a solid piece of software. We've already informed everyone who purchased Kenney Studio that they'll receive a final update and a discount for Asset Forge (absolutely not an update of Kenney Studio, as it's a totally different application).

While a previous version of Kenney Studio did mention those features, they are not planned to be added anymore as we decided to stick to the main mechanic.

Hope these answers will help, cheers!

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We're a small indie team of developers and if you ever had a complaint about our software you could've contacted us or even asked for a refund; you didn't. Instead you started advising others not to purchase our content because based on your opinion we apparently have an history of abandoning software. Next time, I'd recommend contacting us directly as we're always open to solve any issues you have.

Hope this helps you out.

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Hi, what exactly made you angry about the answer that Kenney gave you?

> Meaning if this thread exists then there are likely many people who feel that Kenney fails on the follow through.

To be honest that is pretty rude, it is not Kenneys fault that those people don't want to solve their issues.

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To each their own ;)  This is going in circles and is side-tracked, and (I hope) we all have better things to do.  Regarding follow through, it was a reference to following through on feature sets not support tickets.

With that said I'll quote myself and leave it at: "I've never said I was unhappy with the software or asked for a refund" however I recommend you "wait until it does something you need".

I'm a bit lost... why would someone buy software unless the want/need it? Buying software with the intention or future hope it will be something else, is just asking for disappointment.