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Version 0.33.2017-08-09 (experimental-6)

4x times reduced amount of data sent to sync rotations (32 bits instead of 128), but when building no compression is used and all 128 bits of data is sent, to keep maximum precision when positioning blocks in ship

fixed ship energy settings sync regression caused by network backend update (now energy settings sync no longer uses old workarounds to sync variables from client to server via player object, so no additional data is sent at each and every parameter change, greatly reducing network traffic for this specific case)

turrets no longer sync their target position (this way each turret only sends 8 to 40 bits of data when turret behavior changed by player or turret target changes, instead of (8 to 40)+96 bits of data each time target changes position, avg traffic reduction for this specific case ~30x-100x times)

fixed turret incorrect sync regression

fixed projectile hit explosion particles and sound position sync

fixed ship save/load regression caused by network backend update

when saving a ship, ship design data will only be sent to player which requested it, instead of everyone

Engine particles state is now calculated on server regardless of authority and synced to all clients. Client with authority ignores this state and uses his own, as more up-to-date. This way client with authority no longer needs to send his state to the server.

minor changes