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I bought a copy of this several days ago and have been playing it ever since. Very, very impressive work - the moment a faster train overtook me as I trundled up a 4-track section was fantastically immersive. One teeny thing I would like to see (and I know that 'improved graphics' is on the todo list) is a 'toning down' of the colours, which are a little too bright/colourful/computer-generated (IMO!) at the moment.

This really is an incredible achievement and I can only hope that enough people purchase a copy so that the phase 2 stage of development will go ahead as planned.

Great stuff!

Thanks! The colours may indeed be a bit over-saturated, I'll see what I can do about it in the next update.

Nooooo it looks great as-is! :) IMO, the vibrancy of the colors works really well with the art style of the decor. If you make it more "realistic" looking, that'll draw attention to the stylistic approach of the scenery, and you won't gain anything. Keep as is, please, and focus on the actual content (routes etc), please!


That's a good point as well, I'll make it an option then! Implementing it only takes maybe 10 minutes, don't worry about it :)

Thumbs up for options!