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Hey! As someone from Andorra, I have one curiosity: why Engolasters? :) Are any of the members of Deconstructeam from Andorra, or do you know Engolasters from tourism? There's a cool legend surrounding the creation of the lake, but paranormal activity...? :D

Very interesting dynamic between the use of resources and decision making. Adds great replayability. Also, thanks for making a stand-alone .exe instead of an installer.

As always, great work, guys! I love how you can make an amazing full game like Gods Will Be watching and yet still get all pumped up for these jams. ¡Bravo!

Reseñaré el juego en Retromaniac durante el día. Creo que merece la pena darlo a conocer :)

¡Un saludo!


Hola! Thanks for playing :)

None of us are from Andorra nor ever visited Engolasters, haha. But when doing research to find a place to set our adventure we wanted to pick an unusual location for a videogame... and there are not a lot of games set in Andorra :P -- then we saw this article about a project to build an observatory in Engolasters in a close future, so it was perfect! Plus Engolasters means "That swallows the stars," it was fate. We read about legends of witches bathing in the lake which helped shape de narrative and all.

So no special reason, it's like if Engolasters chosed us, and not otherwise ;)


Hey! :D Yeah, after playing it the first time and *SPOILERS* getting the witches ending, I understood where some of it came from. It actually is, in terms of lore, if not actually location-wise, quite endearing for such a narrative. Congratulations on making it look so interesting! As a fellow ludumdarer, maybe next year we can organize a live gathering in Engolasters - not for the December jam, or we could end up like Meritxell in the game! ;D

La reseña del juego estará publicada en RetroManiac en breve :) ¡Un saludo!