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¡Muchas gracias por jugar! Y perdón por el error 😭


You need to make sure all of the flowers and decorations are touching the vase!

We made this in 48 hours! We'll prepare a post-jam version with language selection as soon as possible! 😊

Try pressing ALT + ENTER

Qué rato bien lindo leer todos los juegos e imaginar que los jugamos. Muchas gracias.

Beat it! Very cool little piece of fun <3

We want to look for alternatives to run it again, but right now we're swamped with the release of our next big project. Hope is not lost in any case!


Whoa these photos are SO POWERFUL!

that means a lot! Thank you so much for playing and for taking the time to let us know how much you liked it!

Wow, this was extremely powerful. I almost cried for how warm it feels. Thanks for making it.

If we ever have the chance, we'd love to make a Brazilian Portuguese version of this game. Unfortunately, right now we don't have the time or the resources!

About 3 months I'd say. Writing being the more time consuming part, haha.

Thank you! It's Game Maker :)

The universe of this game is undetermined. No references to any actual world events :)

When al the flowers and decorations are on the vase, a button saying "DONE" will appear next to the vase. Check if all the flowers and decorations are in contact with the vase.

you need to send the Devil's message to God, when Manuel allows you to speak with them.

Thank you for playing! Happy to read you liked it that much! Could you edit the P****** word tho to not spoil it for everyone, please? :P

It contains brief pixelart nudity, but there is no sexual content. We've seen other streamers play it without problem.

I'm afraid there's no solution to this, the game has a fixed resolution. Sorry for the invonvenience.

No save system, you need to finish it in one seating, sorry!

That's it, you've seen both endings :)

Thank you! You can take a look at a file named phone_notes.ini on the game folder to peek at how this system works :P

I'm sorry but right now we don't own an apple computer for preparing osx builds :'(

We will release the single on Spotify and other platforms soon. Follow @thefingerspit or @deconstructeam on twitter for more updates!

Yes, it uses a chatbot AI to process the player's input. This AI lives on the cloud :p

(1 edit)

I'm sorry but this game will remains only for windows


That looks like a connection error with the server. Try playing again at a later time or maybe check if your firewall isn't blocking the game.

Thank you for playing!

Right now the server is a bit overwhelmed and it's throwing back errors, we're so sorry! We didn't expect as many players getting into this tiny game 😔

Right now the server is a bit overwhelmed and it's throwing back errors, we're so sorry! We didn't expect as many players getting into this tiny game!

You need to have all the assets inside the pot, check here: 

The game has only one ending :)

Thank you for playing!

Thanks a lot for playing and the insights on the game! :)

On the living room, go to the dirt spot in the center of the room and press space :) -- The dirt spot should be highlighted with a black border when you're close.

We didn't even know we would be doing The Red Strings Club when we did this, but it totally set the tone and world for the remake in the commercial release :P -- mixing this with Zen and the Art of Transhumanism and our old bartending prototype was the challenge!

Hola! Thanks for playing :)

None of us are from Andorra nor ever visited Engolasters, haha. But when doing research to find a place to set our adventure we wanted to pick an unusual location for a videogame... and there are not a lot of games set in Andorra :P -- then we saw this article about a project to build an observatory in Engolasters in a close future, so it was perfect! Plus Engolasters means "That swallows the stars," it was fate. We read about legends of witches bathing in the lake which helped shape de narrative and all.

So no special reason, it's like if Engolasters chosed us, and not otherwise ;)

Ah, damn! Thank you for reporting it!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :)

It's just the one ending, yes. We're working on expanding this as a bigger narrative experience, though ;)

You got that right, yes :) Glad you enjoyed it!