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oh i love that. Here's a go at it:


you can never have an odd number of stats. If you have an odd number of stats, roll for an extra one.

Pair off your stats in a way that makes sense to you. Set which one is high, and which one is low. Choose a number for them.

Dice rolls:
when it's time to roll, pick a stat to roll 1d6 on. Roll +1d if you're prepared for the action, and compare the number to that stat's pair score. If the stat you're rolling is low, you want your dice to be below the score. If the stat is high, you want to be above the score.

If no dice succeed, it goes wrong.

If one die succeeds, you succeed with complication.

If two dice succeed, you succeed fully.

If any dice roll the number exactly, ask the GM a question about the situation and they must answer honestly.