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This seems to potentially be a very great and useful tool for Game Maker developers and others as well I belive, and even though I am really looking forward to the new update of this project and also as I am not able to support your work with any money, I simply want to say thank you a lot, this is a great thing with a huge potential!!

And as for the changes I would be really happy to see in this app:

First of all, I think it could be great to be able to change the node's text just double-clicking it, without opening it's properties for edditing, and also being able to highlight the text and moving the cursor would make the text editing much easier.

And lastly, the app exit with escape button, it doesn't feel like the best option as I often do it just occasionally trying to close the node properties.

Anyway, thank you for this nice app and hope you will make it even better soon!

Thank you lots, i really appreciate this comment!

I will consider to add that for next versions and to the "To-do List", there are some very good ideas and feedback, really thank you!

And sorry for this late response, i didn't log into itch for at least a few months, and i resume this project just few days ago because of pandemic stuff on my life :(