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If you can't at least given controls to the PC version adequately you should not present the product on doesn't matter how hard it's hard and that's the way it shouldn't showcase a product until it's ready. I think controls aside you have an interesting experience for a horror game but if you're looking for feedback on the PC it has got to be playable.

I spent almost 30 minutes trying to figure out what buttons did what. I did have a ps4 controller but my daughter at the time was using it..after some time I finally plugged my ps4 controller in...but for whatever reason it wasn't working with the game (it kept spinning in circles) I doubt that was at fault for your work it's likely a complication on my end...BUT...I can't stress enough that if you're uploading your product for PC you need to have it ready for PC. The controls/prompts need to be PC ready.

I also noticed the PC controls were also in AZERTY which is fine for european/french but most of the world plays QWERTY so if you can target the majority audience you'll get better feedback

Anyway..regardless of my experience I'm looking forward to how this game develops.

I have a subscriber base of almost 300,000 and I probably won't upload the video because I literally couldn't even continue the game.

We will update the project soon to make it match to your expectations :) There is no need to be harsh like that. I could understand your frustration if we were asking you 5 dollars or even 1 dollar for it.
But the game is set "in development" for a reason, and you have very well illustrated what remains to be fixed.

We thank you very much for your feedback and we are doing our best to satisfy you asap.
Stay tuned !

 i had your same problems, try a xbox remote or going into the settings before you load the game and change your movement controls. hope this helps man