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Hi Nathan, thanks for the feedback and for trying out the demo! There's only one level currently, so the stairs don't go anywhere yet. :) I'll change the message to be more clear about that until the stairs are functional.

Okay thanks for letting me know, I thought it meant nothing was here yet as in i had to wait or do something for something to apear


No problem, thanks again for trying it out!

Do you think this will ever become a steam game? i hope it does, i would pay at least $7.50 for this, Anyways keep up the good work


Thanks! I'm not sure yet at this point, but that would be cool! Although I had originally intended it only as a demo of the engine, I am hoping to be able to turn it into a fully fleshed out game eventually.

Oh also, nice job staying active with the comments.


Thanks, hopefully I will get some time to add more to the game soon. I've been busy working on RPG in a Box recently. :)