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This looks and sounds beautiful, and I had a great time figuring out how to beat it. I have to say, for a game that took me more than 2 hours to complete, it's strange that it doesn't have any save feature, and even stranger that ESC quits the game without warning. Regardless, after getting used to that I pushed through and after a 1h 30m session I think I found everything.

Getting into SPOILER territory, I do wonder what that 2nd blue orb was for, since I spent a long while trying to get it to the container and when I succeeded I don't think it did anything. Finally "meeting the Bird" was a blast, and though their English wasn't perfect and their subtitles were hard to read while picking up diamonds, they were adorable and I'm very glad to have stuck with the game until I got there. After spending so much of my first session not knowing how to get anywhere, that last upgrade was loads of fun.