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Hello baldesar! Thanks for playing Axion. I think I can address at least two of your suggestions, I will list the info here so it is easy to read.

1. The way the ranged weapon AI works is that the enemy will run towards you until they are within firing range. Once within firing range, the enemy will begin to repeatedly move in lateral directions to get a different angle on you. You can observe this behavior while hiding behind a tree or similar object and watching the enemy try to shoot you.

2. Unfortunately, crouching is something that would involve modifications to the player movement code which is tied into the skill system, stamina, jumping, sprinting, speed, etc. A very long time ago, I created a crouching mechanic for the game, but it was disappointing and was eventually abandoned in favor of the more fast paced over the top combat the skill system provides later in the game. Attempting to recreate a crouching mechanic would likely involve a complete reworking of the player movement.

3. Your data is saved automatically. When you return to the game, you will retain all your progress and items. The only thing that is not saved is your position on the map. You will respawn at one of the four spawn locations, but if you check your items and skills, everything will be there.