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Knight Terrors - A Post Mortem

So this was my first time designing and developing a video game, and it was awesome! A brilliant learning experience. I didn't I could release a prototype within the deadline, but I did! And I learnt a lot about the game development process along the way.

So what went wrong?

To my utter surprise, nothing much! The game felt very much like how I'd initially imagined it. I had a problem with displaying movable cells depending on remaining Action Points and Enemy positions, but I figured it out in the end. My one current issue is that the code is a mess. It works, but if I'm to build on this, I'll need to clean it up. 

There was the art work, though. I wasn't experienced at making pixel art, let alone any kind of art. So, my character ended up with a different perspective than my board and the enemies. I shrugged it off as the sprite being just a symbolic representation of the player, but it still naggs me when I look at it. Maybe, I'll fix it sometime. Maybe, I won't, and call it the game's character.

What didn't go wrong?

Pretty much everything else. Turn based action, enemy spawns and art, the sound, the FEAR system, everything went according to plan. I ticked everything off of my Alpha build checklist, and am extremely pleased with it.

Well, this is probably my last post on this forum. I will join the next Jam in winter, too, if the situation permits.

Till then, see ya!