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my full play through with strategy for all bosses here: 

I absolutely loved this game. I love that once you find the mechanics the game gets exponentially more manageable. I loved the story between the characters even though we don't know all the circumstances leading to their fate outside of the fact there was a war. The player can really feel the relationship between all of them I would love to learn more about the third squadron. The design of the characters is phenomenal and interesting matching the characters combat style. The first boss is by far the hardest. I ran into two problems though you have to time your last hit because advancing the dialogue is the click button which is also the hit button meaning I had to replay the bosses a good bit it would have been nice if it was an unused key like E or something. The game after you save THANK GOD the save feature works successfully, but after you save whenever you go to menu the game won't start until you close and reopen which is fine just thought I'd mention it.

Hello! I’m glad you enjoyed our project! It’s a college project made in a few months while we figured out how Unity works and we were trying to find ways to work remotely with each other. The save bug is something that didn’t happen with anyone we tested the game with, but I believe it was an oversight with how pausing works. I’ll take a look into that. I’ve noted your feedback and will continue to improve for future projects! I have some other things on works right now, but the team has expressed interest into making a future patch for the game.


Thanks for responding hopefully I'll run into more of you and your teams future projects this was pretty amazing.