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Thank you for your feedback.

Are you on Windows 10? Do you have a gamepad connected? Did you try the downloadable version 1.01 I just uploaded today?

For the web version, I recommend using Firefox or Chrome. Which one you are using?

I'm on windows 10, using keyboard and mouse and chrome. I just tried the newest version and still can't move. The overlapping text I was getting before does seem fixed though.

I think I figured out what's going on.

Working on a fix right now. Thank you for your quick answer.

Thank you so much! And thank you for making this game. I would love to see Korone play it, I'm sure she would really enjoy it.


I uploaded version 1.02 for Win/Linux. This should have the movement issue fixed.

The web version will be updated later as the Unity build takes longer for WebGL and I need to do some additional tests on that one.

Let me know if it works on your side! Thanks!

I just finished playing it, great job man. Keep up the good work.