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TAPE is a really cool and simple tool for those who wish to keep their projects organized. However, I do have a couple of critiques that I think could improve it:

    1) The ui is almost too simple or the tutorial is too short. By this, I mean, that it's a little difficult to navigate because of how minimalist the design of the ui is, and when that minimalist design is combined with a very short tutorial (it only teaches you how to make a collection and an item) it can become a little difficult to figure out how to do things such as giving an item a different designation or how to delete an item or collection. All this being said, I still figured out how to do these things on my own after poking around for a few minutes. To resolve this I would suggest either lowering the restrictions on how minimalist and "clean" the ui needs to be in order to make it easier to navigate or expanding the tutorial to include those few extra functionalities the program has that might not be immediately apparent to a new user.
     2) (This is less of an issue I have with the tool as it currently exists and more of a suggestion for an implementation that I believe could expand it's functionality.) I would absolutely LOVE this program and use it for every single one of my projects if it included one thing: a way to create sub-items (i.e. items that are children of other items) and allowing those children to be minimized under the parent. Including this feature would send this program to the top for me as the #1 project organization tool I use.

All in all, this is a great tool with, potential to phenomenal, for people who wish to keep their projects organized in one place. 9.5/10, I would recommend this to almost anyone who asks.

Thank you for reaching out. We appreciate the support and feedback. There is a better documentation in the works, in addition to the Quick Start guide that comes with the software.