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Really cool game! Love how the game introduces different mechanics as you get further in. Helps give the game a good challenge. The game is quite addictive as well, I always wanted to try again after a game over. The best part of the game is the music, it’s poppin, I love it!

Some feedback:

  1. If possible, resolution settings would be nice! I feel the game is a bit too tiny of a window. 
  2. I did run into a bug where text or enemies will be left over after you return to the title menu. Very minor issue though.
  3. Regarding the Photosensitivity Warning, it’d be cool if you could have an option to turn the flashing ghosts on or off. (Maybe a check box that slows the speed of their color change down a little would be a good middle solution?)

If you’re reading this, I definitely encourage you to give it a try! I got as far as the Octopus, it’s quite challenging! (That or I just suck at this game.) Keep up the great work!