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The Josh Hittie Punch Warp: While standing in the beverage cart, if you squat and stand up 4 times in rapid succession, and then punch an object, you'll warp to the same spot in the car 6 cars ahead of you. If this would cause you to clip with something, you are instead shunted to the nearest empty space, and take 2 points of damage.

The GilaRPGs Bird Head Cheat: On one of the passenger cars is a woman named Clarence Sparrow, she's from The Nest, and wears a large plume of feathers in her hat. If you pull her aside, and caw 3 times, everyone's head is replaced with a bird head. This change is permanent

The MV Pocket Cheat: If you can convince an unallied NPC to reach into your pocket of their own free will, they can pull out the single item they want most. This cheat only works once per session.