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Had fun playing the game. Still can't believe this was just made in 2 days. The puzzles were great, and I think people who didn't know Japanese probably took too long to solve the eyeball puzzle (or they coincidentally guessed it)

Overall a great game. Would love to see more games from the devs.

Also here's my gameplay video, if you're interested.

Thanks a lot for your kind words!
About the eyeball puzzle: it contains all the clues to be solved by people who don't know Japanese (each character is translated in romaji so you can read the entire word). But watching at some Let's Play, we noticed that the language barrier made many people think it was just impossible to solve. Maybe the same puzzle with symbols instead of kanji would have been easier to solve... So, even if we liked the idea of making people read a short Japanese sentence, we probably won't do another puzzle like that in the future.
Let's Play are interesting to watch: we learn a lot about how people react to puzzles!
Thanks for the video!